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[NP]General Knowledge questions from today's IIFT exam

  1. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) or Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is a trade agreement among twelve Pacific Rim countries, signed on 4 February 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand. Which of the following countries is not a member of TPP? a. Mexico b. United States c. Vietnam d. Indonesia
  2. Match each Brand with the most appropriate Industry Type it represents:
Brands Industry Type (a) Facebook (i) Financial Services (b) Louis Vuitton (ii) Business Sevices (c) VISA (iii) Technology (d) UPS (iv) Luxury (e) Accenture (v) Transport
a. (a)-iii, (b)-v, (c)-i , (d)-iv, (e)-ii b. (a)-iii, (b)-v, (c)-ii , (d)-iv, (e)-i c. (a)-iii, (b)-iv, (c)-i , (d)-v, (e)-ii d. (a)-ii, (b)-iv, (c)-v , (d)-iii, (e)-i
  1. Which of the following best represents the baking soda. a. Potassium Carbonate b. Sodium Chloride c. Potassium hydroxide d. Sodium Bicarbonate
  2. Which of the following country was not there in the UEFA Euro 2016 (sports tournament) quarter-final? a. Iceland b. Poland c. England d. Italy
  3. Alvin Toffler (October, 1928 – June, 2016) was an American writer and futurist, known for his works discussing modern technologies, including the digital revolution and the communication revolution, with emphasis on their effects on cultures worldwide. Toffler was an associate editor of Fortune magazine. Identify the book authored by Alvin Toffler from the following list a. Previews and Premises b. The fourth Protocol c. The End of Eternity d. The Time Machine
  4. Which of the following Indian States share border with multiple countries. a) Manipur b) Mizoram c) Tripura d) Bihar e) Sikkim f) West Bengal g) Assam a. (f), (e), (a) and (g) b. (b), (f), (g) and (e) c. (a), (f), (b) and (c) d. (f), (c), (e) and (a)
  5. General elections were held in Myanmar on 8th November 2015. This has been first openly-contested election held in the country since 1990. Which political party won the highest number of seats? a. National League for Democracy b. United Socialist Party c. Union Solidarity and Development Party d. National Peoples Party
  6. Sustainable Development Goals have replaced. a. Millennium Environment Goals b. Sustainable Environment Goals c. Millennium Development Goals d. Sustainable Triple Bottom line Goals
  7. Match the following Organizations with the location of its Headquarter.
Organization Headquarter (a) World bank (i) Brussels (b) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (ii) Washington (c) Amnesty International (iii) Frankfurt (d) Food and Agricultural Organization (iv) London (e) European Central Bank (v) Rome (f) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (vi) Paris
a. (a)-ii, (b)-i,(c)-v, (d)-iv, (e)-iii, (f)-vi b. (a)-vi, (b)-iii,(c)-iv, (d)-v, (e)-i, (f)-ii c. (a)-i, (b)-iii,(c)-v, (d)-iv, (e)-vi, (f)-ii d. (a)-ii, (b)-i,(c)-iv, (d)-v, (e)-iii, (f)-vi
  1. What was the theme of the 2016 National Youth Festival of India? a) Youth For Better India b) Celebrating Diversity in Unity c) India Youth for Skill, Development and Harmony d) Youths for Drug free world
11 Which Indian player has created junior world record in “Javelin throw” In July 2016? a. Neeraj Chopra b. Annu Rani c. Rajesh Bind d. Devendra Jhajharia
12 which global credit information company is associated with Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL)? a. Moody b. Standard and Poor c. American Express d. TransUnion
Questions no. 13
  1. What is the currency of Bulgaria? a. Lev b. Lira c. Lek d. Loto
  2. Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. Commissioned 2 units each of 14 Megawatt at the Salma Hydro Electric Project in 2016. Identify the country where this project is located. a. Nigeria b. Iran c. Turkmenistan d. Afghanistan
  3. “Satyameva Jayate” inscribed on one side of all Indian Currency, has been derived from which of the following ancient Indian scripture? a. Mundaka Upanishad b. Rigveda c. Ramayana d. None of these
  4. Which country inaugurated the first electric road in the world for hybrid heavy transport? a. Sweden b. Poland c. Iceland d. France
18 Panama canal expansion project is also referred to a. Dead Locks b. Third set of Locks c. New Horizon d. Cut across the Sea
  1. Which of the following has acquired Jabong in July 2016? a. Shopclues b. Snapdeal c. Amazon d. Myntra
  2. Match the movie personality on whose life it is based.
Movies Personalities (a) The Social Network (i) Aung San Suu Kyi (b) The Special Relationship (ii) Mark Zukerberg (c) The Lady (iii) Stephen Hawking (d) The Theory of Everything (iv) Tony Blair
a. a-iii, b-iv, c-i, d-ii b. a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-iii c. a-ii, b-i, c-iv, d-iii d. a-iv, b-iii, c-i, d-ii
  1. The 2016 Joint military Exercise “Maitree” has been conducted between India and which of the following countries? a. Indonesia b. Maldives c. Malaysia d. Thailand
  2. What is director identification number (DIN)? a. An identification number which the individual company allots to the internal director b. A number which the Central Government allots to any individual intending to be appointed as director or to any existing director of an company. c. A number which the SEBI allots to any individual intending to be appointed director or to any existing director of a company. d. A number which the Central Government allots to retired directors so as to enter in data base.
  3. Which of the following is not an elected post in India? a. President b. Prime Minister c. Governor d. Chief Minister
  4. Bitcoin is? a. A type of new coin introduced by USA b. A type of Digital currency that uses cryptography c. A type of currency used by Paytm. d. A type of commemorative coins issued by Mints.
  5. Match the Bollywood actors with their debut Hindi film:
Actors Films a. Shahrukh Khan (i) Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya b. Sushmita Sen (ii) Dastak c. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (iii) Refugee d. Rani Mukherjee (iv) Deewana e. Kareena Kapoor (v) Raja ki aayegi Baraat
a. a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-v, e-iii b. a-ii, b-iv, c-iii, d-v, e-i c. a-iv, b-v, c-iii, d-ii, e-i d. a-iv, b-ii, c-i, d-v, e-iii
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Sixteen ideas to save Western civilization

Idea one

Rather than funding a Darwinian triathlon that leaves thousands of people dead every year, in which those young men who are best capable of jumping fences, swimming through rivers and crossing deserts are given a ticket to paradise, we declare today that no more refugees will be given entrance into Europe. Instead, every Euro that is currently spent on providing shelter and care for refugees in Europe, will be used for refugees in their country of origin. With a guarantee that there is not a snowball's chance in hell of being granted asylum in Europe, the refugee stream to our continent will plummet. This will allow those NGO's who currently spend their money transporting people from Libya to Italy, to spend their scarce resources on helping refugees where they actually live. The cost of providing for one refugee in the Netherlands is 20 to 40 times higher than providing for the same refugee in his country of origin.
The moment we change our policy towards refugees, towards one based on rational sanity, is the moment we can start taking care of twenty to forty times as many of them. This will be necessary in the years ahead, as climate change, soil erosion and overpopulation will create a refugee crisis the likes of which humanity has never seen before. How about highly skilled refugees? You might ask. The thing is, those refugees will be the people who will be needed to rebuild the countries they fled from. If they live here, they can't help rebuild the communities that were destroyed.

Idea two

Europe is faced with a demographic crisis, as our fertility rates are very low. There are many different solutions to this, but one solution I have not heard before is as following: Let the height of our child benefits payments depend on the average age of the population of a municipality. The government should be paying people in rural communities to have children. Many of these communities have conservative Christians, who would be quite willing to have more children if they could afford to raise them. What we don't want, are child benefit payments going to overpopulated cities. What we need is for people to migrate from cities to our dying villages and for people living in those villages to have more children.
Our cities are home to our underclass, people who are unable to make something out of their life, often due to hereditary problems. Schizophrenia is twice as common in the cities for example. The people who live in cities tend to be descended from the rural peasants who were unable to make a living in the countryside. This is unfortunate, but it is the reality we have to deal with. What we want is for children to be born in the best possible conditions to guarantee a happy life. This is a conclusion I have reached, by virtue of the fact that I was born into the urban underclass myself. I want children to be born with more opportunities than I had. This tends to be very difficult to understand if you're born into a wealthy or middle class family.

Idea three

We don't just have to implement repatriation subsidies for migrants who live in Europe. In fact, we should implement broader emigration subsidies. We have more young men than young women, while Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states have more young women than young men. The fertility rates of Europe as well as Russia would go up if we sent men to Russia. Ideally, Russian would be a language that's taught in high school here.
We also have millions of citizens in our continent, who yearn for more diversity and feel disgusted by the sight of a homogeneous European community. Europe to them is a racist monolithic continent and they worry greatly about the plight of Africans. What better way to help them achieve their dreams, than by paying them to migrate to Africa, a continent full of multicultural countries, where everyone speaks a different language and has unique customs? Everyone benefits from this. Africa desperately needs skilled people, while Southern Europe is full of young unemployed people. A gender studies, sociology or cultural anthropology degree is useless here in Europe. I'm sure it can be quite useful in Africa however.

Idea four

When it comes to income, women want to marry up, men want to marry down. If women can't find a man to marry with higher status than themselves, many simply refuse to marry and never reproduce. This is a big problem, because young women right now tend to earn more money than young men. There's a reason for this: Discrimination. White working class boys are least likely to go to university. These boys are not all stupid, but the culture they live in makes it difficult for them to succeed in life. In fact, the kind of long-term investment that college represents, is one that these boys who grew up in unpredictable insecure circumstances do not find appealing. In addition, white working class boys are not very interested in listening to long tirades about how they are guilty of everyone else's long history of suffering.
The problem we need to understand, is that education is now not used by employers as a requirement because the skills taught are relevant. No, educational requirements are used by employers to filter out dumb and unreliable people. The effect this has is to favor women over men, giving women an unfair advantage on the labor market. Neither women nor men benefit from women having an unfair advantage on the labor market. Besides the fact that a woman might not be better suited to the particular job she got by virtue of her college degree, women don't benefit from living in a society where there are no men whose salary can deliver them a similar standard of living as their own.
If we were to make it illegal to discriminate against the uneducated, we take away the unfair advantage women have over men. Certainly, we don't want uneducated people to become doctors, nuclear power plant operators or air pilots, but we really don't need people with four year college degrees to carry out mid-level office work for us. Another good measure to use is to hide the gender and name of a candidate for a position. Studies show that people prefer to hire women over men. In practice, being a good looking young woman is an enormous unfair advantage on the job market, for the simple reason that middle-aged men in management positions think with their dick.
What happens when college education can no longer be used as a status indicator by employers, is that a big part of the incentive to go to college disappears. As a result, eighteen year old boys and girls can simply apply for a white-collar job, rather than first having to spend four years studying some particular subject they'll never make practical use of again. What this means is that people are able to become mature much faster than they do today. A person aged 25 might feel ready to have children because they have been saving money for years, whereas today a 25 year old is still paying off their college debt and feel frightened by the thought of having children.

Idea five

Implement a big progressive tax on private land ownership, unless the land is covered in trees. Most of the land in Scotland is owned by a few private individuals, who just have massive herds of animals that eat the land bare. Scotland used to be covered with trees, all that's necessary for the trees to grow back is for the herds of animals to be removed. When we implement progressive taxes on land ownership, farmers who produce a lot of food with little land will find their business more profitable, while farmers who waste a lot of land will find their business to be costly. As an example, mushrooms farms use very little land, to produce a lot of food. Cattle pastures on the other hand, use a lot of land to produce hardly any food. When land ownership costs money, land can no longer be used for blind speculation. As a result, the property bubble should start to deflate. This is highly needed, because the young are now unable to buy houses because of the ridiculous prices we're dealing with. Those of us who can buy houses are afraid to do so, because prices could crash fifty percent and we would become prisoners in our own homes. If you're 65 or older, a decline in prices might suck, but you don't have a strong need to relocate anymore. Because we're unable to buy houses, we're unable to start families.

Idea six

Most of the people in our prisons have double passports. A simple wise solution would be to give prisoners a choice: Renounce your citizenship of our country, in exchange for release from prison. Let Morocco, Turkey and other countries handle these people. When these people choose to move back to their country of origin, it creates an incentive for their families to move back too. What about those prisoners who have just a single passport? Offer them a reduced sentence, depending on where they're willing to sit out their sentence. As an example, you could cut a prison sentence by 25%, if the prisoner is willing to be imprisoned in French Guyana. By the time they are released, they might simply stay there.
Another option that is very important is euthanasia. Prisoners need to have the right to choose to end their lives. Some people consider the death penalty inhumane. I consider sticking someone in a concrete box for twenty years to be far more inhumane myself. Most have no real chance of building up a meaningful life after they're released. There are actually a large number of prisoners and former prisoners who insist that the death penalty is more humane than a prison sentence, because our society treats former prisoners as second class citizens.

Idea seven

Implement a big tax on the use of our air space. Any plane that passes through our air space will have to cough up large amounts of money. This is great, because air travel has to be disincentivized. Most importantly, it increases the expenses of people who own private jets, which are a complete waste of our society's scarce resources. Currently, Americans charge roughly 30 dollar per 100 kilometer to people passing over their land surface. This is negligible. Try multiplying that rate by ten and see how much people still travel by airplane.

Idea eight

The Netherlands has the highest petrol taxes in the world. This is fantastic. The whole world needs to follow our example. Why? Because oil eventually runs out, so it's better that we prepare for it by encouraging a transitioning away from cars, rather than being caught by surprise. "But China and India!" Joe Sixpack proclaims. I don't care. Let them do what they want to do. If they want to create a big fossil fuel dependent economy, let them go ahead. By the time we run out of fossil fuels, their economies will implode. I think we similarly need a big tax on anyone who has more than a single car registered on his name.

Idea nine

Implement a constitutional amendment, requiring elected heads of state to have children. Why? Most of our political elite doesn't have children. If you don't bother to provide your own contribution to the future of our society at an individual level, why should I expect you will manage to do it at a collective level? What if our head of state is gay? He needs to find himself a wife who doesn't shave her legs, use his imagination, lie back and think of England. People used to make sacrifices for their community.
What investment in the future does a childless leader have? He's a parasite, who ultimately expects other people's children to pay for his retirement. Donald Trump is forced to listen to his daughter, who understands that climate change will prove to be a real problem. If you raised children, your interests align more closely with the interests of the next generation, who are ultimately the people who are carrying the torch of civilization forward. If physiological problems prohibit you from having children, adopted children count too. The kind of person who doesn't want to raise children is the kind of person I don't trust ruling over a country.

Idea ten

Charles Galton Darwin was probably first to propose this, but it can't be said enough: We need to make foreign aid dependent upon a nation's population control efforts. Look at this map of abortion laws to understand what's going to cause us problems in the years ahead. Countries that legalize abortion should receive priority in all of our dealings with them.

Idea eleven

We need to bring this new cold war with Russia to an end. I know, they don't allow gay pride parades. Deal with it. If the people of the world are going to have a place to live, it's going to have to be Russia. Russia, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, these are the kind of places where humans will survive a century from now. We need to be planning ahead for that future, rather than fighting each other over petty cultural differences. Why have we been fueling a bloody civil war in Syria since 2011? It's the greatest waste of human potential in recent history.

Idea twelve

We can simultaneously improve our diet, reduce climate change, heal the ocean and give most of the world's land surface back to nature. It's explained here. China, Korea and Japan produce 88% of the world's seaweed right now. Why are we, in Europe, North America and Oceania not contributing? The solutions exist to our problems, but we're not applying them.
Throw subsidies at mushrooms, seaweed and shellfish. Eventually, you'll get the public to switch their diet and you can begin abandoning most of the world's surface.

Idea thirteen

Happy societies are societies with plenty of young people and few old people. Particularly, it's important to have more young women than mature men. When the population is growing, war is common and life expectancies are low, this is easy. The fact of the matter is, that it's simply not a lot of fun to be old. In addition, old people have to be cared for by young people. We could kill all the old people, but I don't think anyone's looking forward to that.
What I would suggest instead is that we work on getting rid of aging. "What, are you suggesting immortality?" No, I'm suggesting we've got our priorities wrong. Life expectancy at age 65 was 13 years for women in 1930, 21 years in 2010. So, the average retired woman will have eight extra years of life. This is fine, but why is so much money spent on keeping people alive longer? How about we shift our priorities towards keeping people young longer? It's possible to increase the number of eggs a woman has. Dehydroepiandrosterone is effectively used to gradually increase a woman's egg count over the months, until a woman who was infertile is fertile again. This was discovered, not in a state of the art laboratory. It was discovered by a woman who had difficulty conceiving and decided to start experimenting on herself.
What kind of quality of life do you have as an 80 year old? Not a lot. What kind of quality of life do you have as a youthful looking fertile woman? Quite a lot. I know that I'm eventually going to die, so dragging it out doesn't matter much to me. If you can increase the percentage of time that I spend youthful on the other hand, I'm all ears. The best method we have to accomplish this currently seems to be the use of senolytics, substances that kill senescent cells, which are cells that have grown old and prohibit younger cells from reproducing (kind of like the babyboomers). The senescent cells do this by creating speculative housing bubble- err secreting substances that cause inflammation. Senolytics are the equivalent of a suicide bomber who only targets golf courses and cruise ships.

Idea fourteen

Why do we have massive office complexes everywhere? Most people can do their work from home. We soon won't need all the roads we have today either, because we will have self-driving cars. Self-driving cars don't need vast distances between vehicles due to our mediocre human reflexes. In addition, they can more easily share multiple passengers. We won't need all this parking space we have now either. Because people will be able to work from home and order products from home, we will need far less travel too. It's thought we can reduce the number of cars needed from 245 million, to just 2.4 million, through self-driving cars. That's not a typo, it's a 99% reduction.
Technology renders humans obsolete, we say. I think we're not thinking this through clearly enough: Technology renders technology obsolete. If we can use Bitcoin as a store of value, demand for gold declines. If demand for gold declines, we don't need gold mines. We don't need televisions anymore, we're using our computers now for that. Most people don't need a desktop computer, they can do just about everything with a smartphone or a laptop. Paper production has peaked, most of it is now used for packaging. If our population peaks, we don't need to build new houses. Colleges? You can study from home.
The city is full of space we won't need in the future. Parking garages are a thing of the past, companies will rent an office for two hours a week to hold a meetup. What are we going to do with all of that space? We can use it to grow food. A Dutch company grows mushrooms of the non-magical variety in an old swimming pool. If we grow food locally, it won't need packaging.
So what happens next? Minimalism. If we're wise we will live like Sadhus. What else will we not need? Houses. If you can work from home and video-conference your colleagues if you don't want to show up to a meeting, or receive a basic income and don't really have a formal job, why would you want to own a house? You can simply rent a house for a night through AirBnB. You don't really need to own anything. A lawnmower? There's always someone in your street who has one and you can earn money online by renting yours out. Ideally, you wouldn't even have your own clothing. At any moment, 90+% of my clothing goes unused, just like most cars go unused.
What do you think this is? Fully automated communism. What causes it? The free market. It's American free market capitalism, run by right-wing libertarians like Peter Thiel, that destroyed the taxi companies and the hotels. Some of the Silicon Valley tech startup guru's don't own anything other than a smartphone. Isn't it ironic? The Chinese and the Russians pursued communism and accidentally ended up with capitalism. We pursued capitalism and accidentally gave birth to communism.

Idea fifteen

What's the biggest problem in the Middle East today? Endless pointless violence. What causes this endless pointless violence? A small minority of men who monopolize the women and indoctrinate everyone with hateful ideologies. This is sufficient to get the young men to sign up for whatever idiotic millenarian group happens to run their town. The only reason the Middle East can function the way it does, is because everyone is sober. Alcohol and other psychoactive substances are forbidden. There's a simple reason for this. Sexual repression is difficult to sustain in a culture with access to alcohol. Alcohol makes people promiscuous, because it reduces inhibition. Psychedelics can make people promiscuous too, because psychedelics make you lose faith in authoritarian structures altogether and reduce your fear of death.
But how do you keep those substances away from people, in a world where you can order them anonymously on the internet? The government looks for heat from the light used when it wants to find indoor cannabis plants. But how will that work, when you have yeast that can produce THC? Don't even get me started on Psilocybe mushrooms, which you can grow in your own house using little other than a glass jar and some wheat bran. And what do you think happens when people can order abortion pills and euthanasia drugs off the internet? These authoritarian structures have no future. Islamist fundamentalism is a temporary blip on the radar, that will be followed by an implosion of Islam. The bloodshed of ISIS has alienated an entire generation of young Muslims, who now realize that consistently applying Islamic laws doesn't solve anything but merely makes the misery worse.
Studies show that Psilocybin mushrooms are increasingly commonly consumed, because the information on how to grow them is available everywhere. And those who take the mushrooms, report improved mental health. We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the various substances out there and how they interact. How long do you think the taboo on cannabis will last when it becomes indisputable that use by the elderly prevents dementia? How long do you think the taboo on Salvia will last? Salvia treats opioid addiction, Americans can't afford to maintain the taboo.
What I am proposing here, is a psychedelic renaissance. Our culture is on the verge of shifting towards one where people will have no desire to dominate, but merely yearn to spread love, happiness and compassion. This is a cultural state shift, the likes of which we haven't seen in centuries. It can happen and it won't have to be limited just to the Western world. It can spread around the globe in the same manner as most of our great cultural innovations have.

Idea sixteen

When do we begin to comprehend that we're eating the wrong things? When you're staring with your microscope at the particular genes of a piece of lettuce so that you can geneticaly engineer it to be resistant against a common mold, does it never occur to you that if your crop is plagued by an endless list of pests, you might need to consider eating something else? Why do we have factory farms when the Southern United States are plagued by feral pigs? Why can't rednecks make a living selling the feral hogs they shot? Why do we eat chickens who can't walk, when our pastures are plagued by millions of geese?
"It's not cost-effective" Your government will say. And the reason it's not cost-effective is because you won't let it be cost effective. You create legislation that favors the big guy over the small guy and allow supermarket conglomerates to conquer the globe. Only big farms in England that own sufficient land can apply for farm subsidies, while small farms that make efficient use of their land can't qualify. You force people to leave their small towns and migrate to massive cities. You place subsidies on animal fodder like corn and allow people to bottom trawl the oceans and feed the fish to factory farm animals because they harvest so much fish they have no idea what to do with it. You artificially destroy oyster reefs that people use to gather wild oysters, because the oyster farmers feel threatened. It's not cost-effective because you're scared to death of what happens when it does become cost-effective!
Sunchokes grow like weeds here in the Netherlands, I grow them in a bucket as I can't plant them in my soil as they'd take over everything. And yet, our diet is built around potatoes. The average Dutch potato has residue of 36 different pesticides. People think we're innovative, but that's nonsense. We have change forced upon us, but we refuse to adapt to nature. We'd rather watch everything go to hell than to adjust to the conditions we live in. We seem to insist on having the most bland unhealthy diet imaginable, produced in the most inefficient method imaginable. Now that it's becoming difficult to sustain, we're planning on the next insanity: GMO crops. Rather than adjusting to nature, we'll come up with a crop of our own that produces its own pesticides. Whatever genetic diversity still remains in a crop is lost when the farmers switch to GMO crops. As a result, GMO crops don't solve anything, because the real problem we're dealing with is a lack of genetic diversity in our crops.
I envision a future where everyone grows his own food, not as sterile monocultures but a variety of crops grown together, while mushrooms grow in office towers and seaweed is brought in from the ocean. You'll live in a tent and travel around, following the feral pigs, deer and camels. When people tell you civilization has collapsed, you wouldn't notice the difference. You'd be too happy to care either way.
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"We now have quantum computers. The Chinese apparently have the fastest. There is D-wave out of BC ... you can break a block chain or Bitcoin password in less than a minute if you have a quantum computer. The question is who is going to have them, and the answer is mainly governments..."

I know some of you read this yesterday, but I think the headline did not highlight the right thing. What should have been news is this former White House representative who was in the US' Working Group on Financial Markets (a.k.a. the "Plunge Protection Team"). She's now in the private sector, talking about governments using quantum computing to seize bitcoin keys.
On The Rise Of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and The Fall Of Dollar Hegemony
Moving on, Townsend took the conversation in a direction that he said might be outside of Malmgren’s comfort zone: The rise of cryptocurrency’s like bitcoin. Contrary to his expectations, Malmgren said she’s been closely following the increasing use of cryptocurrencies, adding that they will likely play a role in determining who dominates the global economy, and therefore determines the monetary framework, after precipitating the next big paradigm shift, which will lead the world away from the dollar-based framework that exists today. Governments like China and Russia, which are seeking to create their own digital currencies, pose a greater threat to the long-term dominance of the dollar than they, or the US, realize.
Erik: I want to shift gears now to a topic I didn’t used to think of as being geopolitically oriented, which of course is your area of expertise, and that is crypto currencies. In the beginning, Pippa, if you look at what BitCoin was at the very beginning, it was something only interested extreme Libertarians who were very interested in financial privacy. Nobody else was paying attention to it. It was designed really to usurp the ability of government to interfere with and control people’s finances. It seems that it is almost going through a complete transformation where now we have the Ethereum guy, I forget his name (Vitalik Buterin), meeting with Putin talking about some kind of partnership to create a digital crypto currency that will become a national currency for Russia. Meanwhile, PBOC is advertising to hire block chain engineers to help to design the digital yuan or digital RMB. So all of a sudden, it seems like what’s going on, and I don’t remember the gentleman’s name. But there was someone from PBOC, a very senior official, saying it was time for central banks to stop ignoring crypto currencies and recognize that we have got to take the lead and we have got to be in charge of these things and design what we want them to be. Where is this going? It seems like to me this is a game changer if national governments are going to get behind crypto currencies. Where does this take us?
Later on, she talks more about crypto currencies. I've bolded the really alarming parts.
Pippa: Totally. I think it is a massive market and geopolitical issue. I have written a little article about this, which I put up on LinkedIn, where I said you have got to understand if the size of your debt problem is so big that it can’t be paid off and in fact even inflation, which is the usual way you would seek to default on your debt slowly over time, you can’t get enough inflation generated, then there is one further option. And that is you literally abandon the entire system of money, and accounting. I know that sounds unbelievably radical, but we have seen it happen before. I explained the example of Britain in 1834, when they abandoned the traditional system they had used for 1,000 years at that time, which was called the Tally Stick system. So when we say we tally things up or the word stock market refers to the use of little wooden stocks. They were little pieces of wood on which you record every transaction during your life, every borrowing, every lending deal, every asset acquisition, every tax payment. The way it worked was it was literally a wooden board. You cracked it half really roughly so the two sides definitely did match and couldn’t be faked. Then the borrower and the lender each marked all their transactions. The stock end was always the smaller end, so that’s where we get stock market. There was a market in the stocks, these little wooden sticks. Bottom line was why would you abandon a system that has worked perfectly beautifully for 1,000 years. The answer is you had 200 years of war debts that had accumulated. They were unable to get inflation up enough without causing social unrest, and so the government said hey, let’s take the tally sticks back, and give people this great new innovation called paper money.
You can imagine everyone said I am going to hand over this record, this ledger of my entire net worth, and you are going to give me a piece of paper. Really? This is a joke. In the end, what the government had to do was confiscate the tally sticks, and they took them to parliament to burn them. They misjudged how much heat the fire would throw off, and that is what caused Parliament to burn to the ground in 1834. It was the destruction of the system of accounting and money. In its place, we adopted what we now use, which is piece of paper we call cash. Today, we are on the brink of similar step change, and the way you will do it is you move to electronic money in conjunction with blockchain. Blockchain is the new ledger, and e-money is the new currency.
The question is whose e-money. So everybody in government circles have been watching the Indian experience because the prime minister stepped up to the platform in early November and basically said we are going to move all of you, a billion people, off paper money and onto electronic money, and we are going to do it in three months. They did it, and they did it successfully. Now governments everywhere are saying we want to do that because, guess what happens when you move to e-money. First of all, you really eliminate the black market because you can’t transact anymore without it being seen. And so, for example, the European Union are talking heavily about moving to electronic money because then all this black market activity that happens in Greece and Italy where there’s no tax, we will be able to get all that tax revenue off it. That’s one reason. The second reason is with blockchain you have total transparency over every single step of a transaction, complete providence of every single transaction. The question is who gets to see it. I think this is where governments are suddenly a little schizo because on the one side they think they are going to have the ability to see every transaction that you and I and all the listeners are engaged in, but Ethereum has created this platform where actually they won’t necessarily be in government’s hands, maybe in private hands.
The question is can you trust the private hands who are issuing Ethers as much or more as you trust governments. So governments are being to say let’s create our own version, and that’s where you get the PBOC saying we’ve got to control this. Because otherwise, you are going to end up with private sector currencies that possibly are trusted more than government currencies, and that will lead to transactions offline that governments can’t see. There was a report going around the Internet recently about some guy who made $200 million bucks trading on Ethereum in a month, and the question was who will tax that. The answer is nobody. That freaks governments out to say the least, particularly given their debt situation. So I think this is a huge, huge thing, and all investors have to think very carefully about it. I will say one last thing about it. You have got to get familiar with quantum computing, and there is loads of stuff on the net about it. But the reason it matters is because of the speed at which you can process information. We now have quantum computers. The Chinese apparently have the fastest. There is D-wave out of British Columbia, but basically you can break a block chain password or a Bitcoin password in like less than a minute if you have a quantum computer. The question is who is going to have them, and the answer is mainly governments but big corporations are buying them like crazy. Volkswagen just bought one. We are going to see major corporations buying that computer power.
The question then is who has most transparency over the block chain and e-money, and I would argue it is going to be whoever has the most and fastest processing power, which may be governments at times, it may be private at times, it may be fluid. That’s what we have to think about as investors.
Entire article
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From refugee to citizen. (HELP appreciated)

Dears reddit community, I try to apologize in advance for my english it is not my native language. I tried posting this on bitcoin but it got deleted right away which is kinda sad for me. Maybe dogecoin dogecoinbeg is open minded for my story mind this is a copypasta from my post before. Cause my threads get deleted because my account is NEW which is a logic term if people are trying to scam
Im trying my best to explain the situation and my journey. My name is Mussad I was born on 1st March in 1992 and im a refugee.
Its quite a hard task for me to write about the past and everything I went through to be the person iam today. (Lets not forget I keep the details to a minimum but this is still going to be a long post)
As stated before im a refugee and came with the second huge wave and different transportation ways all the way from my home country to Turkey, Greece, over Italy and Austria finally to my current destination Germany (that was back then when you still could relatively easy cross these borders).
Im thankful for every kind person around here in germany and thankful to have a breakfeast and a warm meal as well as shelter everyday. Somethings are really bothersome (like racists and differnece in skin) but people are nice and kind and im grateful for every bit of help to enjoy the next day.
The thing is as you may or may not know as a refugee you cant get work quite easily for money to pay for your own. Im not ranting about it cause this is just how things work out in this country and I accept it even if it puts me in a bad space.
So currently im trying to accumulate some EUROS to cover some extra expenses and make the best out of my personal time by reading, enjoying trips to the local sea, doing some gardening for my household family or even just going around aimlessly to explore the location and maybe find some empty bottles to pick them up and return it to the local store for exchange.
I already came in contact before the refugee crisis with Dogecoin or several Altcoins and Bitcoins as well back in 2010 or something with a still affordable price.
I have a strong believe in cryptocurrencys outside of all the things erupting the planet this is the way to go for independence and seperation from the banking sector. First I labeled it as kind of a pyramide scam but the last couple of weeks made my mind think about it in a complete different way.
Since I pointed before that im still not allowed to pick up a regular job and start earning money by my own I try my best to take some of my own money by exchanging empty bottles to invest into cryptocurrencys.
Mind you these are just a few dimes and pennys but if you truly believe in it, it might change the world and mine aswell.
So I came to the idea to start trying to gain some mBTC by a wonderful community to get me out of this misery and after that help the people who helped me and my loved ones. The thing is people around here even trying to help you not with money but with small stuff as well like I can get some free eggs every day to cook delicious breakfeast.
So im straight to you and want to help myself and others out and give something to the community here back by raising funds and selling these bitcoins to spend some money for various things to support the region I live in.
Feel free to donate spare bitcoins to the following adress I created.
**BTC Adress: 1EacQSfrKa9at7j3LCsDn2b9kSeQe8g6b7
**DOGE Adress: D8bTFAJnoxWHXQTRcyiogvFXijcjL6arhs
If you wanna support me through other ways/coins please let me know so i can generate a adress!
After all the most precious thing for me is to find my girlfriend and 2-year old son that got seperated from me by fleeing from my home country. THIS IS MY GREATEST WISH ON EARTH to take them back in my arms again and saying I LOVE YOU and maybe once return back to home.
So now im going to catch the last sunshines from today maybe play some soccer at the park then take a quick shower and enjoy one of my favourite TV Shows Die SImpsons always airing at 6o`clock and trying my best to learn german to keep the language-barriers to a minimum.
Then get some rest and start a new day. Maybe I wake up to a small miracle I still have a strong view about attitude and karma.
Thanks for your attention. Lets make this world better with every day!
-Mussad A.
Im pretty afraid people going to do bad stuff if you put things on the internet so I give you a picture-in-picture of me.
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[Table] IAmA: I am Gavin McInnes. I put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp. Ask me anything!

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Date: 2014-03-17
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Questions Answers
Gavin, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. I think it was Iowa Hawk who said his problem with House of Cards is it portrays politicians as Machiavellian geniuses but they're really just ruthless assholes with low IQs.
My buddy and I love your opinion on the state of things, whether it is the word "bossy" or just people being assholes in general, especially politicians. Your harsh commentary is refreshing. Do you find it liberating to be the voice of reason when so many pundits are clearly bought and paid for? It's a good time to be a writer. People are scared to fucking criticize the president for crying out loud. It's like high school spirit pussies with shirts of their principal.
I agree with everything you say about men..but what advice do you have to be a cool lady? Don't get more tattoos than the square footage of your fist. You can spread out a bunch of little ones or get a big one but stop covering your entire leg in a squid. Also, don't give it out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Don't fuck a dude until the 3rd date unless you're POSITIVE this is the one. Know your ovaries don't last forever. At 30 the hourglass turns upside down and by 35 it's real tough to have a baby (before giving me some anecdotal evidence about your aunt who had a baby at 40, talk to your doctor about what happens the most often). If you're with a loser at 29, cut him loose because you are running out of time. Don't get all caught up in a career if you're not feeling it. Being a housewife is not selling out. It's the most noble profession there is. You're shaping lives. also, wear high heels as much as possible and don't cut your hair short. When we fuck you from behind we see a little boy. Same with when we're making out and we hold your short-cropped hair. It feels like a dude. That's rape.
Seriously, why are you such a fucking asshole? Scottish genes. After 800 years of getting invaded by the English we developed a tendency to enjoy conflict. The ones who didn't like trouble are extinct. I'm not happy unless I'm galloping on a horse and screaming FREEEDOM with my face painted blue. Seriously though, there are scientists who believe the Scots have some kind of genetic need to be in a bad situation. That's why they drink so much.
Fair enough. I figured someone was just always pissing in your cornflakes. Yeah. Tried it. It doesn't make you grumpy but piss BURNS your mouth like a motherfucker. What does make you grumpy is having something up your ass. That saying is accurate. On the way to this shoot, I was in a horrible mood. Link to
I heard you on Adam Carolla's podcast last night! Truly awesome! What was it like shooting the shit with Carolla? Awesome but I thought we'd be best friends after. I went up to him and said, "Oh shit, we didn't talk about Windy City Heat" and he goes, "I never talk about that movie" then he thanked me for being on the show and left. I thought doing someone's show was like getting friend-married. It's almost like rich, successful people have their own lives or something.
Don't forget to answer my question! Haha. WHERE EXACTLY DO YOU PUT THE BOMP? Listen up 1 2 listen up 1 2 3 go. In the butt.
A while ago I finished your book, Death of Cool. As a youngster, it helped put to bed a lot of the fear I have about becoming older, in the sense that you proved that life can be made your bitch at any given moment, depending on your passion. So I'd like to thank you for that. Having kids makes you a real adult. Don't do it too soon but how long does it take you to sow your wild oats? I started drinking at 14 so by 34 I was like, "Okay, I get it." I also knew I was done fucking random chicks when I caught myself pumping her to the tune of a ska song. I got married soon after that.
I'd also like to ask: is there any specific point that you feel you turned into a real adult? How did that feel? If you could re-do your youth, what would you do differently, if anything? The goal of "Death of Cool" was to say to all the Still Alive Dash Snows out there: Don't quit. The party years are awesome years but that's just one stage of your life. You have a whole other life starting when you become a dad.
Any advise on getting back an ex? Or do I just need to man the f*ck up and move on!? The SECOND, she says, "I just feel like maybe you and I are…" storm out of the room and cut off all contact. If she's ever going to fuck you again it will because you did that and she sees you at a party a year later. DO NOT CALL HER. Delete her number. If you call her while you're wasted and cry, kill yourself immediately after.
Bonus Question: Have you ever heard of the Joe Rogan Podcast? Any interest on being on it? I have heard Joe Rogan's show. I love what he did to Carlos Mencia for stealing jokes. We need more guys like that in the world. Stop acquiescing that's not what we're here for. We're here to call bullshit on liars.
Hi! What advice would you give other people who would like to start an acting career? Theater-acting education or film-acting education? Go to an acting school at all? Move to LA? Don't go to school. Don't move to LA. Just make YouTube videos. If you're good, you'll get discovered. Or maybe don't choose such a stupid fucking vocation. What else do you want to be a rock star? Grow up. We don't need more actors. Hollywood recycles the same 7 guys. Learn a trade.
What's an old guy supposed to do if he has no urge to procreate? Keep partying? At what point does this become pathetic? You become pathetic if you're not married at 40. Grow the fuck up you pussy and stop playing video games. 40,000 years ago your ancestors ran from saber toothed tigers so you could be sitting at your desk typing. You're going to throw that all away because you smoked a bowl? Fuck you.
Is Greg Gutfeld really a prick in real life? Also I read you were a practicing Catholic, is that true? Greg is awesome in real life and a good drinker. Most successful people are. He's also really stimulating to talk to because he has a 1,000 theories about stuff. The guy has a well-thought-out opinion on everything. Yes I believe in God now. Grew up atheist with atheist parents and atheist grandparents on all side. I'm bringing' it back. I'm 3rd Degree Knights of Columbus too.
I used to be a bartender at a Knights of Columbus bar. Most of the patrons didn't remind me of you. I know. It's all blue collar guys over 70. That's what I like about it.
Shane Smith recently said in an interview that the old VICE office was extorted by a crackhead who would shit on your stoop unless you gave him a dollar every day. Did you know this wonderful man? This is a lie as is most of what he says. There was a very kind crackhead who would shadowbox outside our office and say good morning. He was a nice guy. I smoked crack with him once. There were also crack whores who would write graffiti on our stairway to their kids. It would say things like, "Mami misses you my angel. I'm coming for you soon." Pathetic.
Hi Gavin, love your work, especially your columns at Takimag. How'd you get involved with Taki? On a related note, when did newspaper opinion pages become so boring? I remember them being much more interesting-- both in the diversity of thought and in the talent of the writers-- back in the 90s. Any thoughts? I used to write for the American Conservative which Taki owned. When he started up the site I got an offer I couldn't refuse and have been there since. Kyle Smith from the NY Post had a good article recently about how comedians only make fun of poop now and won't say anything truly dangerous. Where'd everyone's balls go? It's not even that they're going to get fired. It's that they think they MIGHT get fired.
Loved the book...had to stop reading it in public because I was laughing out loud like an asshole. My question is this: Do you have any bitcoin yet? Bitcoin is like a new iPhone. You need to let them iron out the kinks for a couple years. Few more suicides and I'll jump in.
Hey Gavin, just wanted to say I listened to the HuffPo feminist debacle and was 95% on your side (I can say this without guilt, as Im a woman).The pendulum has swung way too far on the other side. Do you think it will ever be possible to get it were it should be? Well, if it doesn't, we're facing extinction. The French call it "La fin du race." Women don't want to fuck these pussy men in cardigans and flip flops. Who is going to continue the human race when balls aren't generating sperm and women are not wet?
Every time I say something like "most women would be happier at home" I get armies of male feminists telling me to go fuck myself and ten times as many women saying, "Thanks for that." I think the feminists of NYC and LA have successfully ostracized every other woman in the country.
Also, I called that woman a fucking idiot because she did the same to me. As far as I'm concerned calling someone's argument a "fantasy" and morphing your point into a straw men where they pretend you think NO WOMEN can EVER be in the workforce is the same as saying "Fucking idiot." I'm sick of letting these snarky fuckers get away with their little stabs. If they roll their eyes, you say, "Fuck you."
When do you think Perry Karamelly will stop being such a piece of shit and either return the money he stole from you, or fight you with honor? We will fight soon. He is surprisingly strong. When he kicked me down those stairs I was in the air going, "That was a good fucking kick."
When will William Randolph Hearst fight Perry Caramello? He needs to be knocked down a peg. It'll happen. WRH will get his $50. I tried to steal $50 of shit when I was at his apartment. I just grabbed a whole pile of documents from his filing cabinet. They're all totally useless crap like credit card offers.
Pretty much every gay guy I know has you on their short list of hot famous dudes. I guess this isn't a question? But good job. If the right wants to move forward and not get eaten alive by the stupid idiot left, they need to get over the gay thing.
Why is Vice so unfunny did you win humor in the divorce? I will never complain about Vice because I got a TON of cash. I'm not bananas about how they acted after and that may have been because of said amount but funny is rare. I'd say 10% of North Americans are funny (8% male and 2% female). Outside of the West, the numbers go way down. I'd say there are 37 funny people in all of China. I think they have one stand-up comedian and he's a white Canadian.
You were great on Adam Carolla's podcast this morning. Would you do your own podcast? Yes. I've recorded a bunch of episodes already and it combines celebrities with average Joes. There is no pattern with who is more interesting. So far the winners are some random lady from Harlem and Justin Theroux. I'll be ready to launch it soon.
"Are you serious?!" That's the title of this question. I have such a hard time deciphering your sarcasm from your serious comments. What's your tell? I don't believe in "trolling" or saying shit just to get a rise. It implies I give a flying fuck how you react to what I say. I may be hyperbolic and say "Women shouldn't have the vote" when what I mean is, "They tend to vote based on likeability more than policy." Basically, even my most outrageous jokes are based on truth. Tell me one where you don't think I was serious and I bet I can provide a pile of hard evidence to prove it was a totally rational thing to say.
What do you think of Toronto? Sub question: ever wish you were raising your kids in Canada? Never fuck a woman from Toronto. They are the worst lays on earth. Toronto went from being Kingston to being NYC overnight because the Separatists scared all the English there. The men regressed into hoser stereotypes but the women said, "Ok, we're URBAN now" and started dressing like teen ravers. They are phony sophisticated and wear tiny backpacks with Princess Leia buns at the age of 40. They also think anything dirty is somehow sexist so intercourse with them is egalitarian AKA boring. They don't even like it. Anyone who's read The Death of Cool will remember the chapter where the Toronto girl about to give me a hand job asks "Circles or strokes?"
Dealing with healthcare in America makes me wish I lived in Canada again. My kids are always banging something and we spend half the week in the hospital. The paperwork is a nightmare. I had to hire someone to deal with it. America needs Canada's single payer option like they have in Massachusetts (?). It's a fucking mess here.
Why do you think young folks today need to learn how to be a man? Don't listen to women. They pretend they want a beta male or someone who's "funny" but they just say that because it makes them sound empowered and sophisticated. They want a driven man who is going to protect them and make them feel safe. You don't have to be successful or handsome or rich, you just have to be ambitious. So, stop worrying about pussy and just work hard on your shit. The pussy will come from that. Like they say in Scotland, "Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves."
What's the best book you've ever read? "Confederacy of Dunces" John Kennedy Toole "Death of the West" Pat Buchanan "Redneck Manifesto" Jim Goad I love all of Ann Coulter's books. David Sedaris. I'm reading a great book now by Paul Bloom called "Just Babies." I like Mark Steyn but Jesus that guy is depressing. Greg Gutfeld's "Not Cool" is his best book so far by far. I also love graphic novels especially anything by Peter Bagge. Check out "Other Stuff" and "Everyone is Stupid Except for Me."
Two years ago you mentioned maybe doing WTF at some point. Any news on that? Thanks for the laughs. I'm doing WTF at 3PM today. I can't wait. I have a feeling it will go like Adam Carolla. We'll have a great conversation and I'll take off my shoes like I'm moving in and he'll go, "Er, what are you doing? We're done."
Are you aware of the vice is hip twitter account and if so do you approve? I saw it after Patton Oswalt reTweeted it. I thought it was funny but I got the joke after a few and didn't feel the need to follow.
What happened after the abrupt ending of the Race Wars podcast? Sherrod was pissed. He put on his backpack and left right after she stormed out. I begged them not to ban her. I thought it was funny and it's not like she connected. It made for good radio.
Were you friends with Kenny Hotz before you judged the "Who Is Cooler" episode? Also, thanks for the public urination tips. Yeah. I've known him forever. I think we met through Derrick Beckles. We talk a few times a week. He's trying to get K VS. S on Netflix. Give him some support.
Favorite neoreactionary thinkeblogger? Steve Sailer.
Gavin fellow Canadian here, loved the book How To Piss In Public. One you still party and get fucked up anymore? Yes but in the day with clients. Working in advertising at this level is just getting wasted all day and trying to discuss business while you're seeing double. By the time i get home, I've sobered up a bit. I don't do drugs anymore though. Not because I don't want to but because my old ass can't handle it. God I miss cocaine. Do it while you're young kids.
Do you still take showers in less than a minute? Fuckin right. What am I going to do condition my hair? That shit makes you go bald guys. I haven't washed my hair with anything but water in about 20 years and I have the hair of Samson.
Any plans to be on the Opie & Anthony show to promote "How to Be A Man"? It would be cool to hear you on that show. I got drunk with Anthony Cumia and pulled a Carolla after where I wanted to be friends too bad after. I even said, "Let's be friends. Is that gay?" I haven't heard from him since.
In you column about Western culture the other week you said that Russia is not good at all. Can you elaborate? Have you been there? What was it like? Never been. Never will. It's cold as balls and they think death is funny. Check out the Carolla podcast where we talk about the movie Splice. It's not far after the 50:20 mark.
Link to
How do you feel about Vice's current direction? I feel like since the focus shifted from print to basically all online content - the quality has gone to shit. I live in Detroit we used to stalk down the places that had the actual print copies of Vice come in. I haven't checked anything Vice since leaving. It's like checking in on your ex-wife. As far as them being the new CNN goes, I hope they pull it off. CNN sucks as does most mainstream news. Personally, I could give two shits about the non-Western world. I'm sure most people feel the same way. Link to
I heard you say somewhere that a million hits on youtube is $34,000 in ad revenue? Is that accurate? Someone told me I could have made $43k from "How to Fight a Baby" but I don't have the monetize button clicked.
Do you have a full beard right now or the longer moustache? How do you "groom" your beard in that style? Clippers on the side and leave goatee and moustache longer? Thanks to Britain, I don't have a chin. That means I have to grow a fake one out of hair. Once you start with that, you can't not have a mustache or your fucking Primus bass playing funky SoCal West Coast Custom dude.
Was there anything from your own life experiences as a "dude" that you used in your new movie "How to be a man"? Just curious.. Of course. It's 100% real. Even the dude at the gay bar insisting you flash your dick before buying the coke. It would be easier for me to list the parts of the film that AREN'T based on actual events. I think there are maybe 3. Like, my wife never threw my shoes out the window. She did hit me so hard with a roll of pictures that I occasionally see lights in my peripheral vision.
Who is one actor you've always wanted to work with? Justin Theroux. As an actor my goal is to go full retard and I'm not kidding one bit.
What was your favorite thing you grabbed from that filthy javaho's apartment? Cards that had joke ideas a la Joan Rivers but they are all TERRIBLE. I'll put them up on Street Carnage at some point. His spelling is so bad, it's like learning a new language.
What is the best advice ever given to you? Wow, that's a tough one. Lemme think.
I mean, there are so many. I try to give them back as I get them. PUSSY From "The Vice Guide to Eating Pussy": You need to take it slow. Don't just ram your cock in a bitch (unless she's wasted and gagging for it). Save all the action for the 3rd act.
CAREER Don't think. Just do. It's like stocks. You don't check in every day. Just knuckle down and poke your head up every year or so and say, "How's this working?"
FIGHTING Go for the nose.
PICKING UP CHICKS Learn bass or get a bag of coke. You don't need to do it. Just have it.
LIFE Say yes to everything. If it turns out to be really shitty, you can leave then but at least you'd have tried it out. I think I've done every job in the world.
With all of your worldly experiences, what are some of the coolest jobs you've seen/had (gold stars if they include: traveling for work and photography) ? I think writing is the funnest job there is because English is like carpentry. It's a utilitarian tool that's very practical and has infinite possibilities. Dan Harmon wrote the funniest line ever which is, "As a cop, I've seen things that would make you crap a book, on how to puke." Trying to beat that is like a fun video game. Twitter is a mini version of this challenge. Traveling and photography are probably fun for the right person but it's not my bag. As the Butthole Surfers song "22 going on 23" says, "I did all my traveling in the army."
The short answer however is "Terry Richardson."
What are your thoughts on Montreal? Is it a good idea for a young anglo guy to GTFO? How's your French? Because if you can't speak it without an accent, you're not bilingual and you'll never make enough money to raise a family.
Red Eye question: Is it me, or is Bill Shultz's replacement being similarly pigeonhole cast? I recently heard she has fictitious children and she seems to be the brunt of "'Kick Me' sign" type jokes. I'd love to grab some whisky with your brother. She's being herself. You can't do a character every night for a career.
Gavin, if you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself at the age of 20? Get everything in writing BEFORE you do the job.
Hi gavin, i already have how to piss in public and i love it,should i buy your book ''death of cool'' ? NO. Death of Cool is just the paperback. If you really loved it, you may want to check out the Audiobook. THere are actors playing roles for New Wave Hookers and the Cuba chapter and in the Punk chapter I used the actual song I'm writing about from that actual show. Also, I started crying in the 9-11 chapter while talking about Derrick's mom. Link to
I'm living in Scotland, in the Highlands. Right now either I look for another job in a big city or go travel the world a bit. Which is more valuable at 20 years old? Cheers! Are you up by Skelmorlie? I fucking LOVE that area by the way. Why not stay there and try to make a go of it? Make it a better place. Why does everyone have to leave? Enough with the fucking refugees. Make your hometown better!
Where is the best place to get a burger in Williamsburg? Probably DuMont but you need to try the fish sandwich at Continental. It's so spicy it burns your pee the next day. Fuck I'm craving one right now.
I've enjoyed reading your writing over the years especially the recent stuff over at Takimag. I do wonder though if you didn't live in New York, where would you want to live and why? Thanks. Tons of places. I fucking love the South and would move there tomorrow if it wasn't a microwave 6 months of the year. I love Charlotte and Austin. I like the way San Francisco is laid out. YOu never feel claustrophobic there. I like rural Scotland North West of Glasgow (fucking hate Glasgow). Utrecht, Barcelona. Victoria BC. All of China can fuck off including TaiPei. Russia can suck it. So can all of Africa. I have a place in Montezuma which is fun to visit if you don't have kids but I haven't been in 7 years because I don't want my baby to get a scorpion bite (I've had many and they fuck you up for DAYS). I love all of France especially Montmarte in Paris. German can lick my balls. I love Italy and that language is like giving your ears a blow job but the South is so fucking boring it's insane. The mafia is the only thing remotely interesting about Sicily. What else? Uh...
Come on, do Red Eye fans a favor and let us know what happened with Bill Schulz? Not my place to say.
I respect that. But what about your brother Miles McInnes? I miss his progressive point of views. Did he have a falling out with Fox News or is he coming back soon? I think Greg is sick of the characters. I love doing Miles and Jimmy. I also would like to do a really smart crusty punk and a reformed soccer hooligan.
Any advice for starting a publication in 2014? If it's print, give up.
I'm the guy who invented hipsters. Few could say this honestly. Maybe Dov Charney? Nah.
Does your ad agency need an illustrator for anything? Dunno anymore. We got bought so I'm kind of sitting there with golden handcuffs waiting to hear what we're doing tomorrow.
Where is the best place to take a poop in Williamsburg? That's a tough one. Who walks around town without their shit game already handled? Take care of it at home for chrissakes.
What are your thoughts on HBO Vice? Haven't seen it. I hear it's pretty good.
How is the relationship between you and Shane? I always got the impression you fucking hated each other. The sales guy and the content guy are supposed to have an acrimonious relationship. That's how you have good content but still pay the bills.
Did you take this photo of this wolf spider? What a neat photo. I hear those fuckers can run like 2 ft/sec. That's pretty fucking terrifying. Yes I took that. They are all show. They never bite. They have fully taken over the catskills though.
How would you describe your fashion style? As weird as it may sound I'm not ashamed to admit I try get tips of your style! My latest look is the Specials second album. Not the first where everything was perfect. The second when they were bored and just doing covers and going on vacation and shit. I call it "Grumpy casual." Like early Shane McGowan. Fitted pants (not skinny jeans), desert boots, a cardigan, with a beat up Fred Perry or something. Check out "More Specials" in Google Image or "80s Specials"
Loved How To Piss In Public. Had me in tears several times. Other than that time when you swallowed your own cum, what was the worst thing you've ever tasted? I hate Chinese food in China. Here it's wonderful because it's been Westernized but not being a vegetarian over there is like french kissing your dad. Their motto is "If it moves, it's food" and they amount of insects and turtles and dogs on their menu is enough to make you dry heave. When I was last there I didn't eat for so long my shit was just black tar.
Serious Question: Dude...I have to ask: Do you think Dana Perino is secretly a power lesbian, especially after meeting her husband? Nope. She is straight as can be. I wish she had kids though. As is often the case with these people, the one who don't do it are the ones who would have been best at it.
Did you really give yourself Gonorrhea? Yep.
Did the readership of streetboners/carnage online go down after google reader went out of business? I used to religiously check on the feed everyday, until reader went out of business... and then i found reddit, and never looked back. Interesting. I think SC readership went down when I got a real job. Right now it's a hobby. I'm just happy to be doing anything with Jim Goad.
Right on, my favorite posts by far were of BN... that shit was golden. Half the fun of the street boners site was talkin shit on the message boards, but once i found reddit, i didn't have time for your website. Although i do follow you on youtube and i bought your book. Keep on rockin!:) Ps: what'd you do w/david choe when he visited last week? Ate.
Hi Gavin, watched your movie 3 times already! Incredibly funny! What brand is the blue shirt you wear in it? Keep up the good work! Thomas Pink.
OK, just want to say, I'm a big fan. My son and I love you on Red Eye, especially when doing your Scottish character. Anywhere we can get more of that character? YouTube.
Gavin, love your book and your columns, but am genuinely creeped out by how racist many of the reader comments are on Takimag. How do you feel about your column being surrounded by readers talking about Jewish conspiracies and white supremacy? I don't see much "white supremacy" in the comments but the anti-Semitism is amusing at best and annoying at worst. We call it "people who see Jews in their sandwich." When I wrote that a big part of being successful is making sure Jews run the money, they had a conniption.
The funny thing about that state of mind is they say blacks are not culpable and always blaming other people. Then they say Jews are responsible for everything bad in the world. I thought you said you're responsible for your own lot in life. You can't have it both ways.
So yeah, the comments there can be a bummer but the comments on Thought Catalog are a bummer in the exact opposite way. They're so PC, they sound like infants.
Do you see the Big 3 becoming a reality show? If it does would you have any part in it? $50 dollars means a lot.. I would love to be involved in The Perry Project in any way possible. I don't want to discourage the fans from their campaign for a reality show but to be totally honest, I see "Windy City Heat" as way too esoteric to EVER appeal to a large audience. It's our little freak baby and only we can love it.
Gavin what happened to Bill Schulz and is Greg a real dick off screen? Both of these have already been asked.
Recommend anything to help one establish a relationship with Rooster? I had a mutual friend trying to help me but all I have had time to do has been settling in since the move to NYC from the desert. I only moved here to grow as a human/"artist" and surround myself with people better at their craft than myself. Any help or advice for the noob here to the city? Work.
Any plans on doing more standup comedy or specifically a standup special in the future? Not really.
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Speaking with immigrants into Romania New Italian govt tells illegal migrants Bitcoin will drive a mass exodus of people Living in Liminal Spaces: Refugees in Italian Displaced Persons Camps, 1945-1951 Afghan Refugee Was Interpreter For US, UK Troops

They did do so, and now many refugees are returning back to Syria, but new ones have been making their way to Italy from Libya, with quite a few of them tragically lost at sea. The continued civil war in Libya is yet another diplomatic failure on the part of the European Union which has effectively outsourced its border patrolling to Turkey. Italy now has the highest number of cases outside of China, with over 25,000 testing positive. A nationwide lockdown is in effect, with police and soldiers enforcing the quarantine conditions, and on the 15th of March, the EU recorded the highest number of deaths in a single day so far. Refugees do not have IDs, so they can’t have bank accounts. They don’t know anyone in the Netherlands, not yet at least. Bitcoin became an even bigger part of my professional work. The constant exposure to crypto landed me translation jobs for reporters who were covering bitcoin stories. Anything to do with Bitcoin is being regarded as potentially illegal. We have attempted to talk to the regulators on this matter and they are throwing it all into the same bin – selling bitcoin or reporting on bitcoin. This appears to be what I have been warning about that in moving to eliminate paper money and force everyone into their new digital currency in the wings within Europe, is a ... Issue adult refugees a bitcoin debit card (like a Xapo account). Use the registry to ensure there is no 'double-dipping'. Distribute the bitcoins into the refugees bitcoin account. The refugees can then access euros through ATMs for basic needs. It doesn't meet all the needs, but it maximizes the amount of these donations going directly to those in need. It also provides a platform of ...

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Speaking with immigrants into Romania

Filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria Rashid Noori says he received threats from the Taliban, and he desires to move to the U.S. but would accept asylum in Italy or the UK. Subscribe to this channel: YouTube ... Bitcoin World #7: Syria - How Bitcoin Can Help Refugees - Duration: 1:10:57. What Bitcoin Did 127 views. 1:10:57 . Beginner’s Guide #16: The Future of Bitcoin with Jeremy Welch - Duration: 1:08 ... Josh Friedman kicks off his journey in beautiful Switzerland with a striking view of the city of Lucerne. Saboor Nadem, a refugee from Afghanistan who is living in the Lucerne area, discusses how ... The EU partnering with a bunch of leftists sponsored an event called ”Timișoara Refugee Art Festival”. There weren't many refugees (if any!) on site but there were a few legal immigrants ... Since the end of WWII in 1945, many Jews from Eastern and Central Europe viewed Italy as the byway to Israel, and although blockades and quotas had significantly prolonged their tenure in Italian ...