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I trade my spare steam cd keys for different things, I recently added bitcoin to the list.

There's a list of available games on my profile. I generally ask for 1/4 of the current price of the game on steam (USD) converted to bitcoin. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014069772 Add me if you want to trade Edit: ok, apparently I have to do some more explaining because people think I'm trying to cut and run here. So I have a lot of extra games because I buy a lot of bundles from sites like: www.indiegala.com www.humblebundle.com www.bundlestars.com www.indiegamestand.com www.indieroyale.com
And it is pretty frequent that a game appears in more than one bundle. I have been buying bundles for over 2 years now, and I end up with a stockpile of extra keys for games I already have. Some I trade away, some I give to my friends, etc. The reason I chose 1/4 of the current steam price in bitcoin is because a lot of the games I have for trade are ones that other people would have if they also bought bundles, so in order to give people an incentive to use bitcoin, and to help me move more of my cd keys, I settled on 1/4 of the price of the game. So it's basically like getting the game on steam sale (75% off) If you also have trading rep on your account or on steamgifts.com, I would gladly go first and allow you to send me the bitcoin after you have verified that the cd key is valid on steam.
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